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The Best Belly Fat Exercise…EVER

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What is the best exercise to get rid of belly fat and create the abs you want? What’s the best way to tone every angle of your stomach, including your obliques? It’s called…a plank. What is a plank? Quite simply, it’s an isometric exercise for the abs (where you perform one action, holding still for the entire duration of the move). You may be learning the plank exercise for the first time or you may already use it regularly in your workouts. But guess what? Most trainers consider the plank to be one of the most effective abs exercises. Not only does it strengthen and firm your abs, but it also works all the core muscles — the back, hips, etc. Body Parts: Core Equipment: Mat Reps: 1 Minute RELATED: A 2-Minute Plank Challenge To Transform Your Body [VIDEO] How To Perform The Move Place hands on the floor, wrists or elbows aligned under shoulders, and extend your legs back so your body is