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5 Ways To Detox Your Gums

Every single day, we eat and drink, which gives an opportunity for harmful plaque bacteria to build up around our gums. Left untreated, this could lead to bleeding gums, gingivitis, and gum disease. Detoxing periodically allows for your gums to rid...

Lifestyle / Parenting/ Health - 3 days ago

Black History of Health: Kanye West

Though the whole world now calls him Ye, his parents named him Kanye Omari West, Before he became a multi-talented singer, rapper, songwriter, record producer, and fashion designer, Ye was a producer for Roc-A-Fella Records. In 2004, however, he dec...

Lifestyle / Parenting/ Health - 4 days ago

5 Ways Music Keeps Your Brain Young

Though there’s a lot of emphasis on being physically active, it’s just as important to keep your mind agile. There are quite a few brain-based exercises out there that you can try but how about something that you normally do anyway? Listening to cer...

Lifestyle / Parenting/ Health - 4 days ago

7 Reasons To Drink More Lemon Water

Packed with nutrients including vitamins C and B, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and fiber, it’s no surprise that drinking lemon water would offer a host of benefits. Of course, the fact that stars like Beyoncé have sung its praises doesn’t hur...

Lifestyle / Parenting/ Health - 4 days ago

Psyllium Husk Fiber Is The New Flaxseed

& Everyone’s always telling us to eat more flaxseed. It’s a great source of fiber, experts say. It’s also one of the best dietary staples for your weight loss goals, experts say. But flaxseed isn’t the only fiber out there with outstanding heal...

Lifestyle / Parenting/ Health - 5 days ago

10 Early Warning Signs Of Low Blood Sugar

While your blood sugar levels can vary throughout the day, they should still be above a certain range. Once your blood sugar levels fall below the expected standard, you’ll be diagnosed with low blood sugar. It’s important to know how to identify th...

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