2nd Black District in LA Not Guaranteed

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Jeff Thomas Think504.com The Supreme Court weighed in on the Louisiana Congressional Map Embroglio. Thinking the matter settled, many African Americans exhaled. But as a famous sports caster says, “Not so fast my friends.” Cause the Supreme Court basically pressed pause. The fight for the 2nd Congressional District in Louisiana is far from settled. Like the fancy word embroglio suggests, this is complicated mess. Now simple math dictates that Louisianans deserve a second African American Congressional District. Based upon population, Louisiana sends six people to represent the state in Congress. The Voting Rights Act requires the creation of one or more “majority-minority” districts, in which a racial minority group comprises a voting majority. And since 33% of the population in Louisiana is African American, then 2 of the 6 districts must be African American. Judges Decide or Louisiana citizens And an Obama appointed U.S. District Judge, Shelly Dick, warned Louisiana Republicans that the 5 to 1 plan they submitted violated the VRA and that if they didn’t create a 4 to 2 map, then she would do it for them. So, Gov Jeff Landry and the legislature created a second majority Black District. Judge Dick approved the new maps and...