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- 2 days ago

Some SC Black Dems want Biden to `try a little bit harder' - One year into Joe Biden's presidency, some who supported him reluctantly or not at all say they're unimpressed and even dispirited.Tweeted by @DeeantoineL

- 3 days ago

'Comfort Women' Sue Japan in U.S. - Fifteen Asian women filed a class action lawsuit in Washington yesterday against the government of Japan, alleging they were kept as sex slaves--or "comfort women"--during World War II and repeatedly…Tweeted by @KCobrea https://t...

- 3 days ago

The Once and Future Drug War - During the 50 years the U.S. has battled the narcotics trade, illegal drugs have become more available and potent. But that’s no reason to give up. Governments must adapt and find answers beyond law …Tweeted by @DoveSoars