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How Much Money Faze Kaz Makes On YouTube – Net Worth

Faze Kaz Net Worth – $400,000 & Faze Kaz is an American professional Fortnite game and member of the popular gaming team, Faze Clan. His real name is Kyle Rapozo and has an estimated net worth of $400,000. His content mainly includes Fortnite montages and Let’s Plays videos with an...

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Black Local and National News

Comrade Malik’s Black August message

“Black August Resistance” – Art: Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, 264847, Pendleton Correctional Facility, G-20-2C, 4490 W. Reformatory Road, Pendleton, IN 46064 by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington, Liberate the Caged Voices “Black Men born in the U.S. and fortunate enough to live past the age of 18 are condi...

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