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by Toter - 2 hours ago

Vieux Fort Comprehensive Students Get Pest Management Training

In a visionary move towards nurturing environmentally conscious agricultural leaders of tomorrow, the Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary School has embraced the introduction of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) training for its Agriculture students. This initiative, spearheaded by World University Se...

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Another Black Student Punished for Wrongdoing of White Peers

By Aziah Siid | Word In Black Pexels photo by Mian Rizwan (WIB) – How many times will the youth of the Black community be punished for the wrongdoings done against them? As Black students are forced to alter their appearance to appeal to the white gaze and are funneled into the school-t...

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Qmmunity: Red Ribbon Revelries

photo by Anna Shvets via Pexels Established 35 years ago, World AIDS Day means to bring awareness to HIV/AIDS-related issues. Today, as it was when purposeful neglect from the U.S. government stoked homophobic health-related stigma, it’s org...