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Using Your Senses To Identify A Stroke

Our senses can help us out when danger is near. Take for example when we hear someone call for help or smell something that is on fire. But did you know our senses can also help us identify a stroke? Here’s how to use your senses to spot a str...

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5 Types Of Back Pain To Never Ignore

According to healthcare professionals, back pain is a common complaint among their patients. In fact, statistics show that about 80 percent of Americans go to their doctors about back pain once or twice per year. Approximately eight percent of those...

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5 Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism…A Lot!

The human body is funny…one minute, you’re eating cookies all the time and thinking it’s great if you actually managed to get in four hours of sleep – and still can fit all your clothes. The next minute, umm…not so much. So, it probably makes you wo...

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Text Neck: Do You Have It?

We use them all the time. Some of us can’t leave home without it. And more than likely you are looking down at one right now. It’s your smartphone. But looking down at it all day long could be bad for your health. The human head weighs a...

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How Much Screen Time Is Too Much?

Kids can spend hours on screens. Screen usage may harm a child’s development and cause weight and sleep issues. Except for video chatting with adults, under-18-month-olds shouldn’t use screens. 18–24-month-olds should watch high-quality...

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The 5 Types Of Fights Men Fear

The only fights guys really like are those that take place on HBO or Pay-Per-View. But guys don’t particularly like fights when they happen in relationships. We shy away from confrontation for several reasons: first, men win rarely win argument...